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Thursday, 8 December 2011


This is my medoll at my suite!
Hi friends,I wanna talk about stardoll its a fantastic website! Let me tell u about this enchanting website! In this website u can play free games,decorate your suite,visit starplaza nd shop for your stardoll,be the cover girl,visit parties nd enter contests nd be the national cover girl,win the catlwalk nd many more if u are a superstar! Its very less money to be a superstar nd much more benefits! U can have a exclusive accsess to starplaza nd can live like a superstar in the superiror suite,adopt lovable pets,transform your doll in fabulous make up,Stardesign your own line of clothes,sell your creations at starbazaar,broadcast your news to everyone,50% sale every month,Give your friends luxury gifts nd host awesome parties!
<a href="" target="_blank">dress up dolls</a>        this is the link of this fabulous website "STARDOLL"! nd i am playing stardoll for past 1 year! nd my username is DivaAsmita if anyone send me friend request nd rate my medoll nd suite too :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hi friends,happy diwali all my hindu friends :) Diwali is a festival of lights :) We light the diyas nd play with crackers :) nd BTW my nickname is diya :) So this diwali what r u doing? ;)
Today is a quite good day :) For breakfast i had bread,cream cheese nd mixed fruit juice same as always then my lunch was Khichuri nd tomato chutney! Khihuri is a mixture of rice nd dal :) nd My dinner is going to be pizza from pizza hut nd my evening snack is ice-cream nd smiles :)
But now facebook is not opening they r teling its having DNS Server problem nd telling something about  URL ND IP Adress!!! :'(

Bye friends have a great diwali nd deepawali :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mall world craze!

Hi friends i missed blogging :) Nowadays i play mw all the time i stay online i have mallworld craze! Short form of mallworld is mw :) Nd i play another game with mw thats fashion desgner meaning fd there u have to design clothes :) Not only i play mw i made groups nd i am admin of many group i am admin of many pages :) :) The group i am owner is blooming mallworld nd blooming fashion desgner! The groups i am admin are-Mw fashion icons,The stars of mw nd assistant of mw family! many more <3

Bye friends nd Good Afternoon :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Summer Vacation!

Hii friends today I will talk about my vacation! This summer vacation I enjoyed a lott!

I read manyy books among which I loved the most were-Megastar -Mysteries-Fusion,From the Files of Madison Finn-Friends till the end and Dear Dumb diary! I visited malls many times with my mom :) :) We had yummyy pizza's at pizza hut and tasty burgers at mcdonalds and KFC! When we visited the malls the time would fly :)
During the vacation I wrote manyy blogs and chatted with mama's friends on facebook a lott,it was great fun to be online

I did a little bit shopping too! I bought hannah montana sling bag from starmark,I bought a pink glam top and pink nd grey striped leggings,I bought a white nd pink striped animation top,I bought a pink floral top from liliput,pink polka dotted pumps from little shop,A orange dress from shoppers stop!

This summer vacation was the most memorable one!

Bye friendss! :D

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I tweeted After a month!

Hii Friends! Today logged in twitter after a month! They r showing my last tweet was at 5th july!!!! Its 11th august ! Soo today I will show What I am tweeting :)

Hi friends I tweeted after a month Omg!

I was missing something now I understood what I was missing I was msiing twitter :(

I still have 17 followers nobody didnt unfollow me :D

Yesterday was a awesome day in school! I gave my friends friendship bands nd cards beacause sunday was holiday in school.

Day before yesterday my mom made me pancakes for dinner yummyy!

I <3 crafting!

Quite confused what to tweet lol

Now I will check the tweets of my followers!

Good afternoon everybody :)

These r the tweets I tweeted today after 1 month!

ByE friends :D

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Friendship day!

Hi friends! Happy friendship day! Friendship day is a veryy important day its the day of friendship the most precious relationship :) Today I started my day wishing my best friend trina I called her! I will call shreya my cousin next nd wish happy friendship day! I sent a blue rose friendship card to my uncle to wish happy friendship day :D

I am thinking about my 2 other friends who always fights with me nd my best friend :( This friendship day first tme my friend ujjaee gave me friendship band I am veryy lucky! I bought friendship band for my best friend too! This is the best friendship day :D :D

Bye friends!

Zindagi na milegi Dobara:MOVIE REVIEW!

Hii friends sorry to write a blog after many days was busy with mallworld! I am doing some work in a page named mall world fun! I was submitting looks for contests in Mall world gifts! I joined a group named Mall world lovers ;) soo Today I will give u a movie review!

Zindagi na milegi dobara is a awesome movie! The cast is Hrithik roshan,Farhan Akhtar,Kalki Kochlin,Abay Deol nd my fav bollywood actress Katrina kaif! The director is the sister of farhan akhtar :) This is a movie about a road trip in spain :) The best movie ever seen after Jaanat!! My favorite song in the movie was Senorita!

The tomatina festival was the best part of the movie! I think Hrithik roshan nd Katrina's acting was the blossomest in the movie ;)

Bye friends!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Shopping Saturday!!

Hi friends yesterday was my shopping saturday! Me nd my mom did shopping for a festival in kolkata for 5 days named Durga Puja thats my fav festival :D Yesterday I shopped till i droped! I bought a knitted full sleeve jacket,green summer fun t-shirt,green spaghetti top from United Colours Of Benneton...
I bought crocs black peptoe from crocs! My mom bought a dark coloured short capri from Levis nd a green heavy embroderied salwar kameez from shoppers stop! And at the end I bought a light coloured capri nd a green checks skirt from Little Shop! Our Lunch was corn nd chicken pizza nd chocolate mousse!
Our dinner was KFC I took twister nd mom took rizo!
I slept at 11:30 pm last night soo late!

Bye friends :D

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cool Facts!

1.It is Physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky!
2.A pregnant goldfish is called twit
3.Between 1937 nd 1945 Heinz produced a version of Alphabetti  Spaghetti
4.By law every child in belgium must take harmonica classes in primary school
5.More than 50% of people in the world have never made or recieved a telephone call
6.Rat nd horses can't vomit
7.Most lipsticks contain fish scales!
8.Like fingerprint,everyones tongue print is different
9.if u keep your eyes open by force they will pop out!
10.Barbie's full name is barbara millicent roberts!

Mall Worlds Gifts is a awesome page!

This is the look for when i grow up contest!!
Hi friends today I will talk abt a page on facebook named mall worlds gifts page its a page abt mall world! There are manyy contests! There is a tasks contest nd when i grow up contest is ongoing!!/mallworldgifts this is the link of the page like it!

Bye friends :D

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Happy Junk Food Day!

Hii friends Happy junk food day! I love eating junk food burger,ice'creams,colas, fries,pizzas nd manyy more ;) Really today I am eating all junk :)  This is a veryy short blog sorry :(

Bye friends!

My Lazy Day!

Beautiful mee!
Hi friends today I will talk abt my lazy day! Today is a veryy lazy day beacause today is a holiday in school beacause of a rally in brigade ground! Here it rained heavilly soo our maid is absent :( So everything is veryy lazy noo study only laptop or television!!! My mom is doing crafts she love doing craft!

Bye friends :D

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A school day which had manyy surprises!

Hi friends today I will talk abt my school day which had manyy surprises! Today was a gdd day in school as u know school ended at 2pm! The first surprise I got was tomorrow is a holiday beacause there is a rally at brigade ground! The next surprise was as u know tomorrow was my history exam it got postponed to 28th july! The next surprise was tomorrow is holiday thats why next saturday is a full working day! OMG soo many surprises I cant handle! Today in lunch time me nd my friend played a new game named knock knock soo interesting game!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Again Exams :(

Hii friends I am very angry that exams started again just a few weeks ago exams ended nd it again started sooo hectic Yesterday was 2nd language tomorrow is science nd day after tomorrow is history on monday is geogarphy nd on tuesday is english! Last week friday was maths!

Bye friends :D

The Fashion Editor

Hi friends today I will talk abt what I want to be when i grow up! I want to be a Fashion editor or a blogger when I grow up beacause I write veryy well I wanted to be a teacher when I was 5 years old when I was 8 years old I wanted to be a model now I am 9 years old nd I want to be a Fashion editor!! Whatever I want to be succcessful!!

Bye friends!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Book Review:Summer Camp Secrets-Blogging Buddies!

Hi friends Summer camp secrets-blogging buddies is a awesome book where all the camp lakeview girls r back home nd misses eatch other! Then they start blogging nd do communicating! They deal through their problem nd help their friends with their problem too! Its the best girly book i have ever readen! This book my mom choose for mee! My mom has a great choice ;)

Bye friends!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I learned how to post moving text on my blog!

Hii friends

Thankss a lot catdogfishy I never thought of moving text on my post... Now I will do moving text on my blog!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Normal school day!

Hii friends sorry for posting after manyyy days! Today was a normal school day! First period was 2nd language then 2nd period was Science. 3rd period was library but I couldn't attend it because I had a lott of science classwork because I was absent for a long time!! :(  My mom went out so after coming from school my lunch was uttapam and khandvi yummy! She bought many things for me! A book some craft things and a craft scissors!! The last period was computer our computer mam told us there is going to be a computer group project.In my group there is my best friend. My dearest friend and just a friend! There was a debate for who will be the team leader i was the judge in debate i choose my best friend but somehow in some game my dearest friend won and she is the team leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manyy more to tell :) :) I will bring all the colourful and decorative items! Team leader will bring chart paper and scale my best friend will bring pictures of the devices!!! Sorry the topic of the project is computer devices! forgot to tell the topic only LOL hee hee :D

Bye friends,sorry was a veryy big blog!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pixie hollow is an awesome magical world in virtual!

Hii friends today I will talk abt Pixie Hollow, it's the amazing magical world of disney fairies!  There my pixie name is Ashley  and today I met a girl who was so kind to me, she told me about secret codes!!!!!! By finding the secret codes I found a  yellow top,skirt,anklet,headband and  2 necklaces:D :D

Right now I am in a party in pixie hollow,you know there u can chat,throw a party and do many things.It's an awesome website!!!You must join and play there.

Bye friends :D

Monday, 4 July 2011

I am sickkk!

I am sick I was veryy weak and ill had noo strength to come online I had a severe tummy ache then my fear of taking tablets!
Yesterday I went to doctor she gave me syrups I took three doses of medicine till today I have to take it for more 5 days :(

I am better :)

Byee friends!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Can't Comment On Some Blogs Including My Own" Solved!!

<marquee>Hii Friends</marquee>
 Today I will talk abt a problem that I have been facing for the past 2 months!! Finally me and my Mom solved it today :) All of u who has been facing the same problem will be benefited by my blog.

The problem is U can't comment on certain blogs including yours.
The Solution is U have to go to the comment setting and set your comment page to FULL PAGE or Pop-Up window in place of Embedded below post.Of course it works only for your own page :)

SO I am requesting  all my readers to change their comment setting as per I just mentioned if they want more comments from the readers!!

Bye friends :D Keep Commenting!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Meg Cabot awesome author!

Hii friends Meg Cabot is a awesome author I read her book rule for girls Allie finkle I bought one 2 days ago!! Allie finkle rules for girls I bought one on my birthday and one two months before my B-day! I planning to buy Princess Diaries! And Airhead is Nikki awesome story! The mediator series and All american girls has all dating stuff soo not for me for teens but they r cool too!

Bye friends!

All exams overr!

Hii friends all exams over after a hectic week! geo,sci,eng,maths,history and computer all over yipppiieeee!!!!

Today was a school day still today I took a break for a day and didn't go to school!  Yesterday I gave the bookmarks to my friends and my english teacher they loveeddd it! they lovedd it beacause handmade bookmarks r always awesome!

Bye friends :D

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My sunday day out!

Hii friendss today is sunday and I went out to city centre mall.... I ate a new type of ice cream I ate one scoop pinapple and one mango alphanso yummyyy! I bought a book Rule for girls-A moving day :) I bought a corn and chicken pizza for my dinner delicious!  I just now ate pinapple slice pastry and some corn snack!!!! Today was a awesome day tmorrow is my history exam :) :) :)

Bye friends :D

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My fav chocolates and today I gave a friendship card to my best friend!!!

Hii friends I love chocolates they r soo sweet and tasty!!
My fav chocoloates r Snickers and Ferrero rocher!!!

Today I gave a friendship card to my best friend she liked it veryy much! I sticked a handmade flower and put a disney princess sticker on it! and then it looked awesome :) :)

I will write blogs again when exams will be finished!

good night Bye friends :D

One exam over!

Hii friends sorry to write a blog after manyyy days beacause I was busy with my exams but now also only one exam is finished and I think I will get 16 out of 20! soo tomorrow is geography and Science is on friday...after saturday and sunday there is history exam on Monday! It was a short blog!

Bye friends :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My vacation will end tomorrow! :(

Hii friends tomorrow my vacation will end! This summer vacation was the most memorable of all!  I will miss my online friends and my blogger friend catdogfishy :) Noo homework this summer vacation :) :)  My exams will start soon! I will meet my best friend again in school :D

I will take a break and then start blogging again beacause I can't blog everyday I will try to blog every week twice!

Byee friends!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I Love Card making

Hii friends I lovee card making especially for my best friend!!
Card making is veryy good for introducing yourself to your inner creativity :D I made many cards for my friends and made a lot of cards for my best friend!!

Byee friends it was a short blog abt I love card making! :D :D

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Song lyrics-2

Hii friends today I am going to write one more song!! The name of the song is I know who I am!!

Letss sing!
I know who I am
I know where I stand
I will get all that I deserve
I deserve
I know who I am
I will be the star forever and ever andd everrrr!!
I am dazzling and rocking!
i will be the star forever and ever and everrr!

Byee friends liked the song?

Monday, 13 June 2011

I joined Poptropica!

Hi friends yesterday I joined Poptropica its a cool website!!
This is my Avatar!
Aweesomee Game :) :)

Byee friends :D

Song Lyrics!

Hii today I will compose a song.... The song is the girl full of attitude!!

Letss start the song!!

I am a girl full of Attitude
everybody lovess me
everybody lovess me
I rock the show
I gotta go
everybody lovesss me
everybody lovess me
Letss chilax and relax
I gotta go
everybody lovess meee!!

Byee friends tell me u liked the song or not? :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My fav Websites!

Hii friends today I will talk abt my  fav websites!! My fav websites r blogger, and!! previously I wrote a blog named Top ten websites for girls in that I didn't mention these websites beacause I discovered these sites later friends!!

I highly reccomend blogger and missoandfriends but kidzworld is cool too!!

Bye friends :)

My Pink Pages and day out :)

Hii friends yesterday I bought a book named Pink Pages its a book for girls. Its a girl's directory to all fun things :D Inside the book there is fashion advice,attitude advice new cool hairstyles and latest trend,horoscopes and many moreee!!

Me having pizza at pizza hut!
I highly recommend this book to all of my friends :D Yesterday was a awesomee day I ate lunch in pizza hut,I bought one orange summer dress accessories with the orange dress... And beautiful bag after finding a lottt hahaha lol :D

Byee friends :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Book Review Total Fun 2

Hii friends today I will write 2 book reviews together soo its Book review total fun 2 :D First book is The Railway Children and the second one is From the files of Madison Finn-hit the beach!!

The Railway Children is a book were there r three children-Phyllis,Peter and Roberta..... Phyllis is the youngest and Roberta is the Oldest.On Peter's 10th Birthday suddenly 2 men came and took their dad with them :( Their mom told them that there father has for an longggg trip. One day suddenly their mom told them to pack their luggage because they will leave London and leave in a smaller house near a railway line...The children make new friends and exiting things happen.. One day from the train their father came back and everything was back to normal :D :D

From the files of Madison finn-Hit the beach is a book abt 6th grader Madison finn she going to a camp named camp sunshine in London in summer Fiona is going to England Lindsay is going to Canada and Aimme is back there in Far hills :( All the friends communicate through blog and madison had a new boy named Will in camp sunshine!!

Byee Friends :D

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vacation Over in 10 days

Hii friends there r only 10 days to start school :( OMGGG

I enjoyed my vacation veryy much I bought a pink glam top a pink striped leggings and pink pumps!!!!! I watched a movie in theatre this tuesday...... This week was awesomeee!! Only 10 days left!! :( :(

Byeeee friends :D :D

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Book Review:From the files of Madison Finn-Friends till the end!!

Hii friends today I am writing 2 blogs in 1 day :) :) Today I will write abt a book named from the files of Madison Finn-friends till the end... Its a cool book and good for me because I am a fast reader this was a thick book!!

This book was abt Madison finn who is 7th grader her BFFS r lindsay,fiona,Madhur,Aimme they will be maddie's friends till the end... Maddie' rival Ivy dale is maddie's partner in science project.... Madison calls Ivy Poison Ivy because she is like poison... She is confused between hart the boy he had a crush on earlier and Will who likes madison :) Her graduation day is awesome she wore a purple dress,silver hoop earings and her hair was bun... Fiona her best friend is moving and hart her boyfriend is moving too :(

Bye friendss :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

I LOVE Mallworld!!

Hiii friends today I will write abt Mallworld its a game on facebook.....
Mallworld is a awesomee game there u have to own a shop and givve clothes,shoes,bags,earings,necklaces and all trendy things.. You will buy cloth racks,hangers,lightings and other decorations :D U can dress up yourself there is a mall there are more shops like your shop u can shop in your neighbourhood....

Bye friendsss!! :D

Monday, 30 May 2011

Vacation over in 20 days!!

 Hii friends there r only 20 days left to be my vacation over :) :D :).......

Me enjoying and drinking Mango smoothie yummyyy
I am enjoying veryyy much playing games on fb,chatting with friends on fb,tweeting on twitter,going out,shopping,reading books,writing blogs and eating ice-creams and catching cold teee hee :D

Star School and Mega star Mysteries Angel:Book Review

Hiii friends today I will give book review abt 2 books I bought yesterday...... :)

Those 2books r-
1.Star School
2.Mega star Mysteries Angel!!

Star School is a book abt a school where u become a star... Chloe a girl was new girl in Star School she was surprised the ways of Star school she made new friends Sara and Alex.. She wanted to be a star in dancing!!!!

Mega-star Mysteries Angel is a book abt Three girls- Rosie,Sophie and Abigal... Nicknames of these three girls r-Nosy Parker,Soph and Abs..... Sophie is a real fashionista,Abigal who is officially une grande genius......!!!! Angel is an star model and face of teen shimmer cosmetics and the owner of Glam girls rivals of teen shimmer is the make-up artist of Angel and trys to put poison in her make-up!!!!!!!!

Bye friends :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Fave TV Show!!

Hi friends today I am going to write abt my Fave TV show!!! :) :D :)
This is the family!!

My fave tv show is Wizards of Waverly Place!! Wizards of Waverly Place is abt a magical family but the mom does not have magic because the father was a wizard but married a human.... The kids r Alex russo (Selena Gomez) is the naughtiest!! Justine russo is the kindest and very sober. Max russo he is veryy weird.  My fave character in Wizards of Waverly place is Alex russo!!

Bye friends :)

Friday, 20 May 2011

My Top 8 books!!!!

Hi friends today I am going to tell u my top 8 books!!!

1.Malory Towers
2.Mega-star Mysteries
3.Dork Diaries
4.8 cousins
5.Dear Dumb Diary
6.Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
7.St Clarie's
8.Amelia Jane

Bye Friends :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New barbie clothing set!!!

Hi friends a few days ago I bought a new Barbie clothing set. its totally glam it has one pink dress,one silver leather skirt,A totally trendy fur jacket and a purple pant with unicorn print.....

Bye friends!!

Monday, 16 May 2011

I love Dora the Explorer!!!

Hi friends today I am going to write abt Dora, the explorer. I love Dora, she is soo adventurous!!!!

Dora is a 7 years old Latina girl who loves to go on adventures with her best friend Boots :) She lives in a tropical imaginary,environment filled with jungles,gardens and rain forests.... She has a brother and sister who r twins-(Guillermo and Isabella),her mami and her papi and she often visits her Abuella.Her best friend is fuzzy little five and a half year old monkey named Boots,they love to go to adventures together!!!! She also has fun with Isa iguana,Benny the bull,Tico the squirrel,Backpack map and many others. Dora is a friend to everybody,and a great role model for kids :) :) 

Bye friends :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cake shop: Game review

Hi friends today I will give u a game review :) Cake Shop is my fave games in all cake serving games its interesting!!!!

Cake shop is a game abt serving cakes coffee,black coffee, black cola,orange cola,cola. There will be a meter that will increase when u do good work in the level and when the meter is full u will get the equipments.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Summer Vacation Started!!!

Hi friends today I just wanted to tell u that my summer vacation started!!!!

My summer vacation started, I have summer vacation more than a month.... yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am gonna write many more blogs...I am exited and confused at the same time,can u suggest me some topic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Today was the last exam whichwas English,I did well:D

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Hi girls today I am going to write abt Barbie I just simply love Barbie!!!!!!!!

A little info abt Barbie:
Name:Barbara Milicent Roberts
Fave colour:Of course pink
Birthday:March 9th
My barbie coming back home after winning a game of Tennis at the club!!! 

First family member of Barbie was her sister skipper and then appeared twin sister and brother Tutie and Todd then younger sister Kelly baby sister Krissy thats 4 sister and a brother Barbie comes from a pretty big family.Barbie has 2 cousins too francie and jazzie.

My another barbie having dinner

Barbie has lots of friends :) barbie has friends over 30. Barbie is a friendly doll.Her most famous friend is Ken her boyfriend!!
My fave Barbie

She went to Manhattan High school in New york city.Barbie started out as a teenage fashion model.She enjoyed designer clothes and hair do's later she tried activities like:swimming gymnasts and horse riding.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Top 5 hollywood actresses

Hiii friends :) sorryy for being lazy,I am back!!!!!!!!!!  Today I am going to tell u my Top 5 hollywood actresses............

1.Scarlet Johanson
2.Anne Hathaway
3.Angelina Jolie
4.Natalie Portman
5.Sandra Bullock

I like them alll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Anne Hathaway My Fav Hollywood Actress

Hi friends today I am going to write abt Anne Hathway!!!!!

Do U know her full name is Anne Jacqueline Hathaway?
Her Birthday is on November 12th 1982.......
Her mother was an actress her father was a lawyer!!!!

At the age of 17 Anne got her first big short-lived television series name Get Real which only lasted for one year :(

Later Anne got selected in the movie named Princess Diaries which was an instant hit.Next in 2004 there was a sequel of Princess Diaries named Royal Engagement.

I simply admire Anne Hathaway :D :D

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My fave fairy Tinkerbell

Hi friends today I am going to talk abt my fave fairy Tinkerbell :)!!!! and her fairy friends.......

Some interesting facts abt Tink:
Name: Tinkerbell
Nickname:Miss bell
Birthday:September 4th 1977
Talent:Tinker fairy also known as pots-pans fairies
Fav Flower:Silverbells
Best Friends:Terence who has a major crush on tink
Fashion Style:Strapless leaf design in a shade of green
Personality:Sassy,feisty and fun loving
Lives in:A very filterrific teaklette
Fave treat:Pumpkin muffins

Next I am going to talk abt Silvermist!!!!
Best describes as sweet,silly and sympathetic always ready to lend a ear when friend in need.....
Fav Treat:Water Chestnuts
Special Hangout:The Babbling Brook
Fashion statements:Cool in blue

Next comes Rosseta!!!!
Talent:Garden fairy
Fave food:Buttercup soup
Fave flower:Rose of course
Fashion State:Pretty in pink
Personality:Sweet but sassy always ready to share some advice
Hobbies:Giving makeovers and make sure she looks the best
Lives in: Rose blossom chalet

Next is Iridessa!!!!!!!
Talent:light fairy
Likes:order,order and more order
Dislikes:Not knowing the right answer
Fave sweet:lemon merigue pie
Fav flower:sunflower
Fashion statement:Bright and golden in her sun dress

Next comes Fawn!!!
Talent:Animal fairy
Fave Flower:Tiger lily
Fashion statements:Her long single braid is her signature look
Bad Habit:Teasing Iridessa

Disney fairies.......I simply love them :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

Zombie Burger:Review

Hi friends today i wanna give you a review abt my fave burger game: ZOMBIE BURGER!!!!!.........Is anyone scared here??? teeheee teee :D

ZOMBIE BURGER is a game abt serving eyes fries,brain burger,bloodyy hot dog,Bloodyyy drink,energy glop to the coolest Zombies.

Although u might a little yuckyy while serving those ugly stuff but one u get used to them........U WILL BE HOOKED TO ZOMBIE BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranch Rash Game:Review

Hi friends, Today I wanna review abt my fav farming game ranch rash for you.

Ranch rash is a game abt growing crops,keeping animals,milking the cow,making sauce and collecting honey.U can make lotsssss of money by selling all in the local market :D teee hee heee not real though !!!!!!!!!!!!!

U know the farm girl there is very cool and hard working wish I had a farm like hers ;)

200 Page Views :D

Hi,everybody wanna give u a good news one month ago I started blogging,Today my blog has 210 page views :D :D.I am so happy and exited that I couldn't stop myself from blogging abt it!!!!!!!!!

Thank U everyone for all your encouragement and support :)