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Monday, 7 May 2012

My life!

Hello friends i am writing a blog that hows my life going on now its going great! Class 5 started last month at 18th :) My fave subject is english nd geo till now! I made 4 new friends-Shiksha Sharma,Anshika Jaiswal,Disha and Anshika Shahi :) My mallworld craze is still going on :) I am admin in only 1 group at the moment MALL WORLD FREAKS! I am on the 7 days admin trial in mw stars so if i get selected i can be admin there too :) I love creating raffles! Tomorrow is holiday as tom is Rabindra Jayanti! Summer vacation is coming soon!!!!!!! After summer vacation 1st term is coming too! My friend Mikaela nd admin of mw stars is my great friend in mw nd her blog is awesome too this is the link of her blog check it out- 
I like to join the mw contest in all the mw groups! My fave mw groups are-Mall world mafia,mall world milita,Mall world freaks,mall world stars and mallworld exciting giveaways! The IPL is going on nd my fave team KKR is playing great nd its on the 2nd position today the match is KKR VS DD i wish kkr wins today too!

Bye friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet blog. You should update it more often.

Asmita said...

Thanks Anonymous :) Actually I am busy with my AG Girl Forever blog more