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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Anne Hathaway My Fav Hollywood Actress

Hi friends today I am going to write abt Anne Hathway!!!!!

Do U know her full name is Anne Jacqueline Hathaway?
Her Birthday is on November 12th 1982.......
Her mother was an actress her father was a lawyer!!!!

At the age of 17 Anne got her first big short-lived television series name Get Real which only lasted for one year :(

Later Anne got selected in the movie named Princess Diaries which was an instant hit.Next in 2004 there was a sequel of Princess Diaries named Royal Engagement.

I simply admire Anne Hathaway :D :D

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My fave fairy Tinkerbell

Hi friends today I am going to talk abt my fave fairy Tinkerbell :)!!!! and her fairy friends.......

Some interesting facts abt Tink:
Name: Tinkerbell
Nickname:Miss bell
Birthday:September 4th 1977
Talent:Tinker fairy also known as pots-pans fairies
Fav Flower:Silverbells
Best Friends:Terence who has a major crush on tink
Fashion Style:Strapless leaf design in a shade of green
Personality:Sassy,feisty and fun loving
Lives in:A very filterrific teaklette
Fave treat:Pumpkin muffins

Next I am going to talk abt Silvermist!!!!
Best describes as sweet,silly and sympathetic always ready to lend a ear when friend in need.....
Fav Treat:Water Chestnuts
Special Hangout:The Babbling Brook
Fashion statements:Cool in blue

Next comes Rosseta!!!!
Talent:Garden fairy
Fave food:Buttercup soup
Fave flower:Rose of course
Fashion State:Pretty in pink
Personality:Sweet but sassy always ready to share some advice
Hobbies:Giving makeovers and make sure she looks the best
Lives in: Rose blossom chalet

Next is Iridessa!!!!!!!
Talent:light fairy
Likes:order,order and more order
Dislikes:Not knowing the right answer
Fave sweet:lemon merigue pie
Fav flower:sunflower
Fashion statement:Bright and golden in her sun dress

Next comes Fawn!!!
Talent:Animal fairy
Fave Flower:Tiger lily
Fashion statements:Her long single braid is her signature look
Bad Habit:Teasing Iridessa

Disney fairies.......I simply love them :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

Zombie Burger:Review

Hi friends today i wanna give you a review abt my fave burger game: ZOMBIE BURGER!!!!!.........Is anyone scared here??? teeheee teee :D

ZOMBIE BURGER is a game abt serving eyes fries,brain burger,bloodyy hot dog,Bloodyyy drink,energy glop to the coolest Zombies.

Although u might a little yuckyy while serving those ugly stuff but one u get used to them........U WILL BE HOOKED TO ZOMBIE BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranch Rash Game:Review

Hi friends, Today I wanna review abt my fav farming game ranch rash for you.

Ranch rash is a game abt growing crops,keeping animals,milking the cow,making sauce and collecting honey.U can make lotsssss of money by selling all in the local market :D teee hee heee not real though !!!!!!!!!!!!!

U know the farm girl there is very cool and hard working wish I had a farm like hers ;)

200 Page Views :D

Hi,everybody wanna give u a good news one month ago I started blogging,Today my blog has 210 page views :D :D.I am so happy and exited that I couldn't stop myself from blogging abt it!!!!!!!!!

Thank U everyone for all your encouragement and support :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Surprise Your Mom on Mother's Day

My Mom
Hi friends,as we all know that 8th May is Mother's Day,I wanted to give u some quick tips on how to make your mom smile and be proud of YOU :D

Things that u can do for your mom to make her feel special are:

1.Give your mom a day off by serving her a yummy breakfast in bed.Your options are endless,u can make something simple yet tasty dish like peanut butter or cheese sandwich which can be served with a glass of ready made juice along with a fruit of her choice.Make sure that u serve in style.

2.Pamper your mom by giving her a manicure or back massage at home,if u can manage your dad then u can book a spa appointment for both of u where u both can chilax and get pampered together.

3.A handmade card or bouquet or any other craft item which u are confident of being able to make for her, could be a nice way to cheer your mom up :D

4.Throw a surprise mother's day party where u can invite some of her best pals along with their kids.Just make sure that all the kids must share the responsibility of hosting the party among themselves.Order some pizza and soft drinks,turn on the music and have lots of fun.

5.Each month save a certain amount of your pocket money to buy a gift for your mom on mothers day,it could be anything from nail paint to a watch depending on your budget ;)

Our moms make us feel special everyday, this is the day when we can do the same for HER :) :) All the best!

My Top 5 Desserts

Hi gals we all have our fav yummy desserts,options are endless and confusing though.Especially when u are having a meal at your fav restaurant its soo difficult to decide which one to choose from ;)

Today I am gonna talk abt my top 5 desserts......omg I am soo confused as I have many favourites.

1.Hot Brownie with vanilla ice-cream
This one comes at the top of my list,warm brownie filled with walnuts comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup and a dash of honey garnished with wafer....... mmmmmmm

2.Strawberry Twirl from Mc Donalds
Vanilla ice-cream with strawberry pieces topped with strawberry jam and syrup....... yummmmyyyyy

3.Baskin Robbins Tangy orange ice-cream
U know this one is my fav ice-cream among all the flavours i have tasted so far.

4.Choco lava cake from domino
Do I need to talk abt it ;)

5.Mango Custard
Creamy custard with diced mango cubes.....mmmmmmmmm

Ohh noo I crave a dessert nowwwwww!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr teeheee :D

Friday, 15 April 2011

My Purple Day out

The other day when it was another mommy-and-me-outing day we had lotsssssss of FUN:) Although mommy was a bit sick but still we managed to have so much fun!

We went to our fav mall mani square and I did a few shopping for myself.The funniest coincidence was that  whatever I bought was purple in color.


My Purple Tights,Purple Floral Top,Purple
Nail Paint & Teddy With A Purple Bow Nd Hat

My New Purple Barbie Bag Pack

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My fave cartoon character

Hi friends today I am going to write abt my fave cartoon character Minnie mouse.... :D

I love Minnie mouse she is very cute and pretty! She has two homes one in Disneyland in California another in disneyworld in Florida.

Do you know Minnie's real name is Minerva minnie mouse? Minnie usually wears pink frock or blue.Minnie always likes to wear machy machy shoes with her outfits.Isn't that cute?

 Minnie mouse is married to Mickey mouse. Now Mickey is 81 years old and Minnie is 79 years old. Minnie mouse first appeared in the movie named Steamboat Wille on November 19,1982.

I love Minnies's show Mickey  Mouse Club House.Her hobbies are dancing, gardening, and fashion. Her fave game of mine is minnie's dinner party :D :D
My fave game of Minnie

Friday, 8 April 2011

KFC,My Fave Burger Joint

me at KFC
Hi friends today I am going to write abt my fave burger joint KFC......

yummyyy choc'amor
In KFC I like to eat chicken snacker, Twister,chicken popcorn,fries,Boneless chicken strips and  strawberry smoothie krushers .In dessert I like to have choc'amor and brownie sundae :)

Their chicken popcorns are very crispyyyy and tastyyyyy,whereas the boneless chicken strips are veryyy juicy and yummyyyy:)

My fave mall manisquare got a KFC now.Whenever my mom and I visit the mall we have a nice meal at KFC.....even the thought of it makes my mouth watery :) :)

What's your fave burger joint ?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My first day in fourth grade

Hi friends, today was my first day in fourth standard :)  I was sooooo happy to see my best friend after a month long vacation.It was fun to be back in the class...

Our first period was nothing but an introduction with our new class teacher,her name is Swati,she is very tall.

I took chocolates for my 4 friends,which we had during the lunch break,all of them found the heart shaped chocolates very yummmyyyy :)

As it was our first day in the new class,we had less studies and more fun. Mommy says I am now a grown up girl,so I got to study very hard you see !!!!

Just take a look at my History and GK books,I love my new GK book,it looks cool with lots of interesting pictures and many amazing facts.

All the best to meeeeeeee :) :) :) :) :)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Top Ten Gaming Sites For The Girls

Hi friends today I am here to talk abt my fave top ten gaming sites for the young girls,where we can play all sorts of fashion,make over or cooking games:)

I mostly prefer fashion games...after all I am a fashionista u c ;)

Here I come with my list of top ten :

5. Monster
6. mallworld in facebook
8. fashion games
9. my

That's all for now:) C u later girls,don't forget to let me know which site u found the most interesting!!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Today India Won The ICC World Cup

Hi friends its me your blogger asmita again in the middle of the night...just don't tell my mom sshhhhhh...just kidding :) :) :)

I gottta give u all a great news,we won the WORLD CUP today yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN :) :)

Here are some snaps that my mom took from tv

Captain of India Team Dhoni Was the Man Of  The Match

I Simply Love Hannah Montana

Hi friends,today I am here to talk abt my idol Hannah Montana :) I am a biggggggggggg fan of her for the past few years.I just love everything abt her,she is so cool,sings so well and looks so pretty.Someday I wanna meet Hannah would be a dream come true moment for me!!!

My fave songs of  her are Best of both worlds Everybody makes mistakes......lalllaaaalllaaa.U know,sometimes I try to sing them at home :) She has got such a sweeeeettttt voice,don't u all agree with me?

I love collecting all the Hannah stationary from Disney,I just love to flaunt them in my class.......some of the cool stuffs that i have in my collection are a pink Hannah top,Hannah exam board,Hannah pencil box,Hannah sipper and lotttssss of Hannah stickers.

Now friends let me share some interesting info abt Hannah :
Miley's birthday: 23rd Nov
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Fave colour: pink ....yeyyyyy my fave color is also pink.We girls just can't do without pink!!!
The school miley attended : Heritage Middle School
Fave sport: cheer leading
Fave drink: Snapple and diet coke
Fave restaurant: Cracker barrel
Fave fast food joint: In and out burger
Fave flower : lavender
Fave hangout place : shopping mall
Fave mall : Westfield mall
Fan site : miley
Email :



Friday, 1 April 2011

An Introduction,My First Blog

Hi friends,this is your new blogger Asmita from India.This is my first post :) I will write many more in future,plz feel free to read and comment on my blog.

Now let me share some interesting info about  me :
Name : Asmita
Nickname : Diya
Birthday : 21st jan
Age : 9
Zodiac sign : Aquarius
My fave colour : Pink
My fave food : pizza
My fave book : Malory Towers
My fave hangout place : All the malls in my city
Hobbies : scrap booking,reading,blogging,dancing & playing with my barbie dolls :)

My idol is Hannah Montana,I own lots of interesting Hannah stationery :) I am also a big fan of Selena Gomez and Ashley Tislade.