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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Normal school day!

Hii friends sorry for posting after manyyy days! Today was a normal school day! First period was 2nd language then 2nd period was Science. 3rd period was library but I couldn't attend it because I had a lott of science classwork because I was absent for a long time!! :(  My mom went out so after coming from school my lunch was uttapam and khandvi yummy! She bought many things for me! A book some craft things and a craft scissors!! The last period was computer our computer mam told us there is going to be a computer group project.In my group there is my best friend. My dearest friend and just a friend! There was a debate for who will be the team leader i was the judge in debate i choose my best friend but somehow in some game my dearest friend won and she is the team leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manyy more to tell :) :) I will bring all the colourful and decorative items! Team leader will bring chart paper and scale my best friend will bring pictures of the devices!!! Sorry the topic of the project is computer devices! forgot to tell the topic only LOL hee hee :D

Bye friends,sorry was a veryy big blog!

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