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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Hi girls today I am going to write abt Barbie I just simply love Barbie!!!!!!!!

A little info abt Barbie:
Name:Barbara Milicent Roberts
Fave colour:Of course pink
Birthday:March 9th
My barbie coming back home after winning a game of Tennis at the club!!! 

First family member of Barbie was her sister skipper and then appeared twin sister and brother Tutie and Todd then younger sister Kelly baby sister Krissy thats 4 sister and a brother Barbie comes from a pretty big family.Barbie has 2 cousins too francie and jazzie.

My another barbie having dinner

Barbie has lots of friends :) barbie has friends over 30. Barbie is a friendly doll.Her most famous friend is Ken her boyfriend!!
My fave Barbie

She went to Manhattan High school in New york city.Barbie started out as a teenage fashion model.She enjoyed designer clothes and hair do's later she tried activities like:swimming gymnasts and horse riding.

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