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Monday, 16 May 2011

I love Dora the Explorer!!!

Hi friends today I am going to write abt Dora, the explorer. I love Dora, she is soo adventurous!!!!

Dora is a 7 years old Latina girl who loves to go on adventures with her best friend Boots :) She lives in a tropical imaginary,environment filled with jungles,gardens and rain forests.... She has a brother and sister who r twins-(Guillermo and Isabella),her mami and her papi and she often visits her Abuella.Her best friend is fuzzy little five and a half year old monkey named Boots,they love to go to adventures together!!!! She also has fun with Isa iguana,Benny the bull,Tico the squirrel,Backpack map and many others. Dora is a friend to everybody,and a great role model for kids :) :) 

Bye friends :)

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Anonymous said...

aaww!!!!! so beautifully written..:)