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Monday, 30 May 2011

Star School and Mega star Mysteries Angel:Book Review

Hiii friends today I will give book review abt 2 books I bought yesterday...... :)

Those 2books r-
1.Star School
2.Mega star Mysteries Angel!!

Star School is a book abt a school where u become a star... Chloe a girl was new girl in Star School she was surprised the ways of Star school she made new friends Sara and Alex.. She wanted to be a star in dancing!!!!

Mega-star Mysteries Angel is a book abt Three girls- Rosie,Sophie and Abigal... Nicknames of these three girls r-Nosy Parker,Soph and Abs..... Sophie is a real fashionista,Abigal who is officially une grande genius......!!!! Angel is an star model and face of teen shimmer cosmetics and the owner of Glam girls rivals of teen shimmer is the make-up artist of Angel and trys to put poison in her make-up!!!!!!!!

Bye friends :)

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