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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Summer Vacation Started!!!

Hi friends today I just wanted to tell u that my summer vacation started!!!!

My summer vacation started, I have summer vacation more than a month.... yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am gonna write many more blogs...I am exited and confused at the same time,can u suggest me some topic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Today was the last exam whichwas English,I did well:D


Anonymous said...

Lucky! My summer vacation doesn't start till next month and it ends in August 18-20 so I'll have two months of summer.

anirban said...

Hope the vacation has got a flying start. lots of blogging, tons of fun with mama, loads of yummyyyy delicacies to taste and a truck load of stuff to buy. All these will make this vacation a great one for u. but don't ignore your studies. find time with your teacher everyday to visit the world of studies.