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Friday, 10 June 2011

Book Review Total Fun 2

Hii friends today I will write 2 book reviews together soo its Book review total fun 2 :D First book is The Railway Children and the second one is From the files of Madison Finn-hit the beach!!

The Railway Children is a book were there r three children-Phyllis,Peter and Roberta..... Phyllis is the youngest and Roberta is the Oldest.On Peter's 10th Birthday suddenly 2 men came and took their dad with them :( Their mom told them that there father has for an longggg trip. One day suddenly their mom told them to pack their luggage because they will leave London and leave in a smaller house near a railway line...The children make new friends and exiting things happen.. One day from the train their father came back and everything was back to normal :D :D

From the files of Madison finn-Hit the beach is a book abt 6th grader Madison finn she going to a camp named camp sunshine in London in summer Fiona is going to England Lindsay is going to Canada and Aimme is back there in Far hills :( All the friends communicate through blog and madison had a new boy named Will in camp sunshine!!

Byee Friends :D

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