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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Book Review:From the files of Madison Finn-Friends till the end!!

Hii friends today I am writing 2 blogs in 1 day :) :) Today I will write abt a book named from the files of Madison Finn-friends till the end... Its a cool book and good for me because I am a fast reader this was a thick book!!

This book was abt Madison finn who is 7th grader her BFFS r lindsay,fiona,Madhur,Aimme they will be maddie's friends till the end... Maddie' rival Ivy dale is maddie's partner in science project.... Madison calls Ivy Poison Ivy because she is like poison... She is confused between hart the boy he had a crush on earlier and Will who likes madison :) Her graduation day is awesome she wore a purple dress,silver hoop earings and her hair was bun... Fiona her best friend is moving and hart her boyfriend is moving too :(

Bye friendss :)

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