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Monday, 13 June 2011

Song Lyrics!

Hii today I will compose a song.... The song is the girl full of attitude!!

Letss start the song!!

I am a girl full of Attitude
everybody lovess me
everybody lovess me
I rock the show
I gotta go
everybody lovesss me
everybody lovess me
Letss chilax and relax
I gotta go
everybody lovess meee!!

Byee friends tell me u liked the song or not? :)

1 comment:

anirban said...

Indeed evrybody luvs asmita
She is the best friend of her mama
She lluvs pnk th most
Gets easily scared by th thought of ghost
Everybody luvs asmita
She finishes books in a ziffy
Pizza nd smoothies makes her crazy
Evrybody luvs asmita
She luvs to be in malls
And once in a whille go to cinema halls
Mall world is her fav game
She works towards earniing fame
Evrybody luvs asmita