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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Can't Comment On Some Blogs Including My Own" Solved!!

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 Today I will talk abt a problem that I have been facing for the past 2 months!! Finally me and my Mom solved it today :) All of u who has been facing the same problem will be benefited by my blog.

The problem is U can't comment on certain blogs including yours.
The Solution is U have to go to the comment setting and set your comment page to FULL PAGE or Pop-Up window in place of Embedded below post.Of course it works only for your own page :)

SO I am requesting  all my readers to change their comment setting as per I just mentioned if they want more comments from the readers!!

Bye friends :D Keep Commenting!


Anonymous said...

I think it's just your computer because while you couldn't comment, people were able to comment on mine.

Also, this is why the marquee thing doesn't work. Edit your post. Then erase Hii Friends. Go back to the "Edit HTML" tab that's next to the "Compose" tab. Then put Hii Friends anywhere. :) If you still don't understand, please ask and I'll be sure to help you.

Anonymous said...

Here. Try to read the updated version. Hope it helped! :)

Asmita said...

I will try :) good morning lucy!