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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Surprise Your Mom on Mother's Day

My Mom
Hi friends,as we all know that 8th May is Mother's Day,I wanted to give u some quick tips on how to make your mom smile and be proud of YOU :D

Things that u can do for your mom to make her feel special are:

1.Give your mom a day off by serving her a yummy breakfast in bed.Your options are endless,u can make something simple yet tasty dish like peanut butter or cheese sandwich which can be served with a glass of ready made juice along with a fruit of her choice.Make sure that u serve in style.

2.Pamper your mom by giving her a manicure or back massage at home,if u can manage your dad then u can book a spa appointment for both of u where u both can chilax and get pampered together.

3.A handmade card or bouquet or any other craft item which u are confident of being able to make for her, could be a nice way to cheer your mom up :D

4.Throw a surprise mother's day party where u can invite some of her best pals along with their kids.Just make sure that all the kids must share the responsibility of hosting the party among themselves.Order some pizza and soft drinks,turn on the music and have lots of fun.

5.Each month save a certain amount of your pocket money to buy a gift for your mom on mothers day,it could be anything from nail paint to a watch depending on your budget ;)

Our moms make us feel special everyday, this is the day when we can do the same for HER :) :) All the best!


Pamela said...

Love you my little Princess:)YOU make me proud of YOU!
Nice post:)

anirban said...

Hey Princess May 8th, I am sure princess will do exactly what she has written here. Indeed,mom's are the sweetest thing one can ask for as a kid or grown have made mama proud wit ur blog for mother's day. now time to make her happyyyyy on the mother's day