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Sunday, 10 April 2011

My fave cartoon character

Hi friends today I am going to write abt my fave cartoon character Minnie mouse.... :D

I love Minnie mouse she is very cute and pretty! She has two homes one in Disneyland in California another in disneyworld in Florida.

Do you know Minnie's real name is Minerva minnie mouse? Minnie usually wears pink frock or blue.Minnie always likes to wear machy machy shoes with her outfits.Isn't that cute?

 Minnie mouse is married to Mickey mouse. Now Mickey is 81 years old and Minnie is 79 years old. Minnie mouse first appeared in the movie named Steamboat Wille on November 19,1982.

I love Minnies's show Mickey  Mouse Club House.Her hobbies are dancing, gardening, and fashion. Her fave game of mine is minnie's dinner party :D :D
My fave game of Minnie


anirban said...

Gooodddd to knw a 9 yrs fav is a 79 yrs cute minnie:). W hv all grown up holding their hands sharinh our joys nd sorrows with them. They hv mde us laugh, w hv cried wit them. Thanks diva for trickling the memoirs as I tke th nostalgic journey of my childhood.looking forward to many mre grt blog writing frm u

Asmita said...

Thanks uncle:)and I look forward to your lovelyyyyyyyy comments!!