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Friday, 8 April 2011

KFC,My Fave Burger Joint

me at KFC
Hi friends today I am going to write abt my fave burger joint KFC......

yummyyy choc'amor
In KFC I like to eat chicken snacker, Twister,chicken popcorn,fries,Boneless chicken strips and  strawberry smoothie krushers .In dessert I like to have choc'amor and brownie sundae :)

Their chicken popcorns are very crispyyyy and tastyyyyy,whereas the boneless chicken strips are veryyy juicy and yummyyyy:)

My fave mall manisquare got a KFC now.Whenever my mom and I visit the mall we have a nice meal at KFC.....even the thought of it makes my mouth watery :) :)

What's your fave burger joint ?


anirban said...

The very name makes u feellllllll yummmmmmmmmyyyyyy. Zinger burger, crispy fried chicken bucket, popcorns as side eats nd krushers a perfect thirst quencher. Reading the blog tickles the taste buds and I feel heading straight towards my fav KOOL FOOD CORNER (KFC)now :) :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite place would be Rally's (but I don't like most of their burgers). I love their fries though!

Keep blogging!


Asmita said...

Thanks uncle,it was so sweet of you to comment on my post:) Glad to know that KFC is your fave joint too:D

Asmita said...

Hi Catdogfishy,thanks for reading my blogs:)I love to follow your blog whenever I am online:D