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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Today India Won The ICC World Cup

Hi friends its me your blogger asmita again in the middle of the night...just don't tell my mom sshhhhhh...just kidding :) :) :)

I gottta give u all a great news,we won the WORLD CUP today yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN :) :)

Here are some snaps that my mom took from tv

Captain of India Team Dhoni Was the Man Of  The Match


anirban said...

The band of 11 who made the billion hearts roar with joy deserves this even if it was 4 in the nite:) :) 28 years back it ws th same experience for a kid of ur age as he watched the men in white lift the cup at the mecca of cricket. The colour has changed from white to blue but the passion, celebration joy and spirit remains the same.
Haillllllll thy men in blue. Our hearts will always b wit u. And the diva tooo deserve a big pat of putting her tribute to the glorious gang of 11 at such odd hours

Asmita said...

Hi Uncle:)Firstly I am sorry not to thank you before for commenting on my post:(
Thanks a ton Uncle for all the sweet words you say about me.Love you.