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Saturday, 16 April 2011

My Top 5 Desserts

Hi gals we all have our fav yummy desserts,options are endless and confusing though.Especially when u are having a meal at your fav restaurant its soo difficult to decide which one to choose from ;)

Today I am gonna talk abt my top 5 desserts......omg I am soo confused as I have many favourites.

1.Hot Brownie with vanilla ice-cream
This one comes at the top of my list,warm brownie filled with walnuts comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup and a dash of honey garnished with wafer....... mmmmmmm

2.Strawberry Twirl from Mc Donalds
Vanilla ice-cream with strawberry pieces topped with strawberry jam and syrup....... yummmmyyyyy

3.Baskin Robbins Tangy orange ice-cream
U know this one is my fav ice-cream among all the flavours i have tasted so far.

4.Choco lava cake from domino
Do I need to talk abt it ;)

5.Mango Custard
Creamy custard with diced mango cubes.....mmmmmmmmm

Ohh noo I crave a dessert nowwwwww!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr teeheee :D


Anonymous said...

That sounds soooo good! :D


Pamela said...

Hi Catdogfishy!Nice to see U here:)

Pamela said...

Yummyyyyyy desserts!!!

anirban said...

Awesme five divas. Stomach nerve starts trickling reading this:). Add another 5 to the kittyyyy on my behalf
Death by Chocolaate
Litchi icecream wit choco syrupp splashd on it
Carrot halwa