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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My first day in fourth grade

Hi friends, today was my first day in fourth standard :)  I was sooooo happy to see my best friend after a month long vacation.It was fun to be back in the class...

Our first period was nothing but an introduction with our new class teacher,her name is Swati,she is very tall.

I took chocolates for my 4 friends,which we had during the lunch break,all of them found the heart shaped chocolates very yummmyyyy :)

As it was our first day in the new class,we had less studies and more fun. Mommy says I am now a grown up girl,so I got to study very hard you see !!!!

Just take a look at my History and GK books,I love my new GK book,it looks cool with lots of interesting pictures and many amazing facts.

All the best to meeeeeeee :) :) :) :) :)


Pamela said...

Muuaahh muuuaah:)Nice post,keep posting so that mommy always can keep a track of what's going on in her little girl's life ;)Just kidding!!!

Pamela said...

STUDY HARD!!!:)All the best for your new class:)

anirban said...

Enjoy ur studies...... Subjects will fall in luv wit u in no time. New class, new class teacher and a grown up princess what more can I ask for. Wit evry post the intensity of writing becomes more deep nd sweet. Keep it up Princess. All the best wishes for the voyage of Class 4. The new saying what begins well will end better.... U wl rockkkkkkkkk

Asmita said...

Thanks mom and uncle :) :) keep commentinggggg!!!