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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My fave fairy Tinkerbell

Hi friends today I am going to talk abt my fave fairy Tinkerbell :)!!!! and her fairy friends.......

Some interesting facts abt Tink:
Name: Tinkerbell
Nickname:Miss bell
Birthday:September 4th 1977
Talent:Tinker fairy also known as pots-pans fairies
Fav Flower:Silverbells
Best Friends:Terence who has a major crush on tink
Fashion Style:Strapless leaf design in a shade of green
Personality:Sassy,feisty and fun loving
Lives in:A very filterrific teaklette
Fave treat:Pumpkin muffins

Next I am going to talk abt Silvermist!!!!
Best describes as sweet,silly and sympathetic always ready to lend a ear when friend in need.....
Fav Treat:Water Chestnuts
Special Hangout:The Babbling Brook
Fashion statements:Cool in blue

Next comes Rosseta!!!!
Talent:Garden fairy
Fave food:Buttercup soup
Fave flower:Rose of course
Fashion State:Pretty in pink
Personality:Sweet but sassy always ready to share some advice
Hobbies:Giving makeovers and make sure she looks the best
Lives in: Rose blossom chalet

Next is Iridessa!!!!!!!
Talent:light fairy
Likes:order,order and more order
Dislikes:Not knowing the right answer
Fave sweet:lemon merigue pie
Fav flower:sunflower
Fashion statement:Bright and golden in her sun dress

Next comes Fawn!!!
Talent:Animal fairy
Fave Flower:Tiger lily
Fashion statements:Her long single braid is her signature look
Bad Habit:Teasing Iridessa

Disney fairies.......I simply love them :D


anirban said...

Wowwwww look a fairy is writing about other fairies:) :) :). No wonder you know so much about them y fairy princess. Btw ur fav fairy seems to be too interesting. When will u introduce her to me asmidiva

Asmita said...

HAHANA okay let me fix up a meeting between YOU and Miss Bell :)